About The Company


MUCH PROSPERITY TRADING INTERNATIONAL, INC. (MPTII) is one of the best suppliers and distributors of quality houseware products in the Philippines for over 50 years. It all began in 1958 as a sole proprietorship type of family business in Binondo, Manila. Now, more than five decades and three generations later, MPTII  expanded as a corporation under the name, “Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc.” on January 25, 2010.



To Be the Best Supplier and Distributor of Quality Houseware Products


Our mission is to be our customers preferred partner, nurturing a winning network of suppliers, together we create enduring value for all stakeholders. Our operations will be centered on exceptional customer experience through People, Products, Placement, Price, and Promotion. We are committed to continuously improve our operations to enhance consumer satisfaction. At MPTII, we strive to be more than just a supplier – we are a first job for many, a community partner, a model for others and a company seeking new ways to fulfill our product promise of Quality and Value.



MOTIVATION – Being always motivated to work despite the challenges is the cornerstone of the values that can be immediately observed by all employees of the company. MPTII employees always come to work prepared and ready to face all the challenges that they may encounter. They all innately have this depth of spirit.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE – Employees of each department always strive for the best, that is even up to competing against self-limitations and infirmities. Each day of work is treated as a workshop to become better. One can observe at all levels that MPTII employees love their work and always conform to the set performance standards.

TEAMWORK – Strength in unity and trust to what each team members can do. That is being more focused with the result of the concerted efforts than own individual success. The push for proper behavior and finding ways to improve own selves. Moreover, it connotes sharing the teammate’s success, celebrating with the team and being inspired with each other’s success.

INTEGRITY – The sense of being stable and complete is one of the characters that can be seen as well in all employees. The Management always makes it a point to support the preservation of the character of all its employees. Being honest and trustworthy is what all employees always observe in the performance of his or her duties and responsibilities, as it is where his or her self-worth counts and is being measured.

INNOVATION – MPTII employees are never at a loss for creativity, hence, it is expected that their performance outputs are always combined with the freshness of ideas and productivity. Most will be surprised at times that our employees, even in the most difficult situation, will find ways how to have the job done as expected from them.