CAKE BOSS BAKEWARE: The Ultimate Boss of Bakers

Baking goodies is a sure way to make someone happy.
Just think of cookies, cupcakes, and other forms of pastry.
These are more than enough to cheer someone’s mood.
And probably end any petty feud.
If cooking and baking are your passions.
Check out Cake Boss and all their attractions.
Amazing baking wares is what they offer.
So that your baking career will surely prosper.

IMG_1662Last Saturday, we were  invited to a cooking demo by none other than Chef Dorothy Ferreria, a food writer, cookbook author, and owner of Dorothy’s Cooking School. The said cooking event was hosted by actor and host, Stephen Silva.

Chef Dorothy Ferreria
(L-R) Stephen Silva & Chef Dorothy Ferreria


The event was held at True Home, Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City. Baking enthusiasts, composed of children and adults graced the event.



Chef Dorothy whipped up three different all time favorite baked goodies that everyone found difficult to resist. These baked goodies were: Just Chocochips in my Cookies, Seal with a Kiss Cupcake, and Icing for Sealed with a Kiss Cupcake.

Apart from Chef Dorothy’s years of experience in the culinary world, the success of the baking demo and its mouthwatering products was made possible through Cake Boss’ durable, convenient and posh bakeware products.

Cake Boss Bakewares

Chef Dorothy invited several people from the audience to help her in the cooking demo. These people were able to try Cake Boss products and they all had good things to say.



Check out some of the bakeware products Cake Boss has to offer, which will definitely give you an easier and equally enjoyable time in the kitchen.

Cake Boss Mixing Bowl

Let’s face it.  Baking, while really fun to do can get quite messy. Spills here and there are always deemed inevitable because the mixing bowls that we use can topple over at any given time.

Cake Boss Mixing Bowl

For your convenience, Cake Boss’ Mixing Bowl is built with a rubber bottom. You can be assured that while preparing and mixing your ingredients, the bowl will not move around and instead, just stay in place. The bowl is very stable and lightweight. Plus, it comes with a spout so you can just pour whatever you’re mixing as easy as ABC. It comes in different colors, which matches your other Cake Boss bakeware products.

Google Image- Cake Boss Mixing Bowls

Cake Boss Spatula

Now, you might be wondering, “How else can you make a spatula more convenient for bakers and aspiring bakers alike?” Cake Boss just had the most impressive idea!

Their spatula is rounded on one side and square on the other, which makes scraping more efficient.

Cake Boss Spatula
Do you fear that the numbers in the spatula will get erased right away? Say no more! Even if you scrub the spatula itself, the print doesn’t wear off  easily so you can trust that the numbers are there to stay for a long time.

Google Image- Cake Boss Spatula

Cake Boss Measuring Spoon Set

Isn’t it always lovely when, not only you have durable and easy to use kitchen tools, but ones that match in colors and designs too? How cute is that!

Cake Boss Measuring Spoons

Cake Boss’ measuring spoons are easy to use and can be mixed and matched with other Cake Boss bakeware. Another good thing about these measuring spoons  is that you can just leave them on the table, even with your ingredients inside them. This is because of their stable base, that can stand even without holding on to them. Now, you can attend to other things while making sure that you are still in baking mode.

Google Image- Cake Boss Measuring Spoon Set

Cake Boss Cookie Pan

Cookies are an all-time favorite pastry among all ages. With the Cake Boss cookie pan, baking cookies of different sizes are now made easier.

Cake Boss Cookie Pan


There are two circles in the pan. Now, you don’t need to ask yourself whether the cookie that you are making is small or big enough because this cookie pan also serves as a measuring tool.

In case you might be wondering, this cookie pan can accommodate until five monster cookies.

Cake Boss Cupcake Pan

Burnt goodies are one of the greatest fears a baker could have. However, with Cake Boss’ cupcake pan, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. According to Chef Dorothy, using thin pans will burn the cupcakes easily so there is a tendency that the cupcakes will be easily burned outside and raw inside. The Cake Boss pans are thick and heavy, assuring you that your cupcakes will be cooked at the right amount of heat. Thus, making sure that your precious cupcakes will not get burned and put to waste.

Cake Boss Cupcake Pan
Google Image- Cake Boss Cupcake Pan

Cake Boss Icing Bag

Cake Boss icing bags come in different designs which are all too easy to change, assuring you of quality icings on your cupcakes or cakes. You do not need to change the entire icing bag if you want a change of design. You may just opt to change the design tip and voila!

Cake Boss Icing Bags



Google Image- Cake Boss Icing Bag

You may also check out these other Cakeware Boss bakewares included in the cooking demo.

Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter


Cake Boss Rolling Pin
Cake Boss Scooper
Cake Boss Decorating Tips
Cake Boss 5-piece Cutter Set

Cake Boss products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc. (MPTII) They are available in the following True Home branches: Robinson’s Magnolia, Rockwell Power Plant Mall an Alabang Town Center.



So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest mall where they sell Cake Boss bakeware products and enjoy a 10% discount until June 15, 2017.

For all your baking needs, Cake Boss is here to stay
Convenient, easy to use and always ready to slay.
Your baking experience will never be the same again
because Cake Boss equipment will remove all the strain,
even your migraine
and all of your pain.

For more information about Cake Boss products, you may visit their official Facebook page – Cake Boss Bakeware PH and Instagram – cakebossbakewareph.  For inquiries, you may email or visit

CAKE BOSS BAKEWARE: The Ultimate Boss of Bakers